Embracing Your Authentic Self

A Ceremonial Approach to Menopause

This workshop offers woman a ceremonial approach to the transformational journey that Menopause brings based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is an archetypal lens through which we can view life in order to learn and grow. Each of the directions of the Medicine Wheel offers perspectives and tools to support this transition.

By connecting deeply with her Womb Wisdom and owning both the challenges and the gifts that are an integral part of her journey, she can dream her ‘Wise Woman’  into being.

This course meets once a month on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 PM at Morpho Bleu Yoga Studio in Montreal from November 27th to June 12th, 8 classes in all.

All eight classes must be attended as they build energetically on each other. Classes will be recorded (for personal use only) so if you do miss a class, you can use the recording to make up any missed material.

A  Ceremonial gathering (optional) will be held in the summer of 2023 in the Eastern Townships culminating in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony to honor the Wise Women who have completed this ceremonial  journey. Date TBA.


Cost:  $480 for 8 classes. (Final Ceremonial weekend in the country not included)

Register by November 16th for the Early Bird price of $400.




In this workshop we will explore the following topics:


  • Exploring the herbs that support physical and emotional balance.
  • Healing your emotional body through Ceremony

‘Reclaiming Your Power’

  • Going within to connect more deeply with yourself.
  • Cutting cords with the people and places where you have given your power away.

 ‘Embracing Your Wisdom’.

  • Letting go of false narratives that do not serve you.
  • Speaking your truth without attachment.

Dreaming  Your Wise Woman into Being.

  • Journeying to meet your ‘Wise Woman’.
  • Becoming a Spiritual image-maker for the next generations.


As well you will have the opportunity to:

  • Transform negative self-concepts from your Ancestral lineage and own your gifts.
  • Honor your dreams that are waiting to be realized.
  • Transform karmic patterns and rescind vows that no longer serve you.
  • Dream in the next season of your life through the ‘power of intent’.