Plant Cards

Messages  from  the  Plant  World

 •  A  deck  of  50  beautiful  plants whose  healing  ‘messages’ are  both  simple  and  inspiring  •


Plants have much to teach us about living in harmony with the Earth.  Through my work with plants over the years I have discovered that each plant has specific qualities that can support us on our life journey.  Messages from the Plant World was born from this exploration and from my desire to honor these generous beings by bringing their messages to a greater audience.

Plants remind us of the energy that we need to cultivate in order to live a more balanced life. Messages from the Plant World can be used as a meditation tool and as a source of inspiration to bring more insight and awareness to life issues. It is my hope that this deck will support personal transformation and inspire a deeper exploration of the plant world. At whatever level you engage with them, may you graciously accept their humble offerings.

Cost in Canadian funds: $40, plus postage.

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