Earth Medicine focuses on using the healing power of Nature to bring us back into right relationship with ourselves and with all of life. We offer workshops on the medicine wheel, energetic/shamanic healing, plant spirit healing and herbal medicine, as well as individual rites of passage and vision quests.

Earth Medicine is the practice of Liddy Flewwelling. She offers in-depth workshops in Montreal and the Eastern Townships, and she’s available for individual consultations in her Montreal office.

Liddy has recently published Messages from the Plant World, a deck of plant spirit healing cards. This deck is meant to be a meditation tool, source of inspiration, a way of bringing more awareness into everyday life. Now available in both French and English!

Contact her at liddyflew@gmail.com or 514 690 4110.


Plant Cards

Messages  from  the  Plant  World  •  50  beautiful  plants whose  healing  ‘messages’ are  both  simple  and  inspiring  • Plants have much to teach us about living in harmony with the Earth.  Through my work with plants over the years I have discovered that each plant has specific qualities that can support us on our life journey.  … Continue reading Plant Cards


Liddy is available for private consultations. Her wide range of expertise covers the following modalities: Shamanic Healing  Shamanic Healing uses the power of Nature, the Medicine Wheel and the person’s own guides to bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Through the shamanic journey you can be guided to connect with your guides and your … Continue reading Services


  Reconnect with nature and deepen your self-knowledge in workshops and intensives that emphasize self-awareness and self-healing. These classes are open to anyone who has a sincere desire to empower themselves though earth-based wisdom. Take one workshop as way to reconnect with yourself or sign up for the whole series to gain a solid base … Continue reading Workshops


Ceremony is a way to create a more intimate connection with your Self and with Spirit. The Sweat Lodge   The sweat lodge ceremony offers us the opportunity to purify body, mind and spirit. In the process of living life we tend to pick up attitudes, emotions and beliefs that do not necessarily serve us. … Continue reading Ceremonies

Info & Insights

Plant Spirit Healing is an integrated approach to health that uses the healing power of plants to restore balance. When our natural balance is disturbed we manifest symptoms in body, mind, and spirit. By addressing the root cause of our symptoms, whether elementally or energetically, plants can give us what we need to restore harmony … Continue reading Info & Insights


Liddy Flewwelling, B.Sc., B.Ed., N.H.C. has worked as a healer and teacher for over 35 years. In her healing practice she works with energetic healing, as well as herbal medicine with an emphasis on the spiritual power of plants. She also guides personal and group ceremonies. Liddy teaches classes in energetic healing and plant spirit … Continue reading About