Reconnect with nature and deepen your self-knowledge in workshops and intensives that emphasize self-awareness and self-healing. These classes are open to anyone who has a sincere desire to empower themselves though earth-based wisdom. Take one workshop as way to reconnect with yourself or sign up for the whole series to gain a solid base in the healing potential of nature.


Plant Spirit Healing Workshop

Guided by Liddy Flewwelling and Denise Beamish

July 28th and 29th in the Eastern Townships

$75 for Saturday only; $140 for both days;

Registration by July 21st.



Artemisia Vulgaris

Artemisia Vulgaris is one of the most powerful healers of the plant kingdom!

Saturday’s focus is on communicating with this wise plant ally, and using its healing gifts to bring balance and harmony to our spine and nervous system.

On Sunday we will explore the protective aspects of Artemisia followed by a session of transformational breathwork, or ‘Greenbreath’, using Artemisia as our guide.

A Saturday evening fire ceremony is offered for those joining us for both days.

Please register by July 21st by contacting:

Denise at, 450 263 7585

Liddy at, 514 481 5674

Denise is an avid gardener who works with the transformative possibilities of the Plant/Human connection to help restore balanced well-being. Her new website is

Liddy has worked with the healing power of plant spirits for over 18 years in her holistic healing practice in Montreal. She also leads Purification Lodges and other Earth-based ceremonies.



 Plant Communication Workshop

Sunday, August 5th

 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

 Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Join us for a day of  exploring the world of plant communication and plant spirit healing!

The overall objective of this workshop is to connect deeply with the healing power of plants, and to restore your connection to yourself and to the natural world.

The workshop will be held at the home of Leslie Winter in Lumsden’s Pond, near Wolfville, N.S.

To register: contact Leslie Winter at Cost $60

This workshop is guided by Liddy Flewwelling who  has worked with the healing power of plants to support transformation and healing in her clients for over 18 years.




Manifesting Your Sacred Dream


img_6845_2 (1)

Dates TBA


Spring brings longer days and more Light! As the natural world comes alive once more we can align with this powerful energy of rebirth and create our life anew.

This workshop offers tools to support the process of manifesting more of who you are. Within the ceremonial container of the Medicine Wheel you will be guided on a ‘dream journey’ using the drum to evoke your connection with your higher self and re-member your Soul’s purpose and what you have come to do. Daring to dream a new dream is the first step!

Using the chakra system in relationship to the process of manifestation you will create a new energetic blueprint defining what you wish to manifest in the next season of your life.  Supported by breath-work, energetic healing, plant essences, and each other, we will co-create the next phase of our lives- together!

This workshop is the first part of a two part series. In Part II (date TBA) we will look more carefully at what is not working in our lives, and create new strategies for change.

Liddy Flewwelling has had a holistic healing practice in Montreal for over 30 years. Her main focus has been helping clients to come into balance in all areas of their lives. She teaches workshops and guides ceremonies geared to helping people honor their true essential nature.



Vision Quest and Ceremonial Weekend

Dates TBA


A Vision Quest is a unique opportunity to step away from the busyness of our lives, connect with the power of Nature, and reignite our passion for life. It is a time to discover our gifts, our purpose and what we have come to do. As we enter the beauty and harmony of Nature we begin naturally to come into balance and harmony.

Within the sacred container of the Medicine Wheel we are asked to invite the powers of the Universe to sit with us in council. You may choose to experience a silent retreat, call in a vision for your life, or engage in a personal ceremony to facilitate healing. An interview to clarify your intent is part of the registration process.

A personal ceremony can be designed to support transformation in a specific area of your life, empowering you to make the changes that will allow you to live life more fully.  Some examples of ceremonies from past years include a Relationship Ceremony, Becoming an Elder, Overcoming Addictions. This weekend is an opportunity to heal deep issues that keep you from living your full potential!

Guided by Liddy Flewwelling

Liddy has been guiding Vision Quests and Shamanic Ceremonies for over 12 years.

For more information on the Vision Quest, see the Ceremonies page.


Green Breath

A Transformational Breathwork Experience

 Dates TBA, Cost: $90


All of us long for connection, to nature, to others, and most especially to our own true and deepest selves. In this workshop we use the healing power of plants in conjunction with breath-work to inspire deep transformation, both personally and collectively. This is an opportunity for spontaneous healing to occur, to release obstacles that may be in your way of being all you can be, and to take your rightful place within Nature.

Guided by Denise Beamish and Liddy Flewwelling

Liddy has a healing practice in Montreal where she uses energetic healing and shamanic techniques to support transformation. She has worked as a practitioner of Plant Spirit Healing for the past 16 years.

Denise is an avid gardener who offers Plant Spirit Healing combined with energy healing techniques framed in the context of wellness life coaching. Her services include workshops and flower essences.

To register contact


Medicine Wheel Teachings

A Journey of Transformation and Self-Healing

Dates TBA


You are invited on a journey of transformation and self-healing using the Medicine Wheel as a sacred container, and your Higher Self as your teacher and guide.  In this workshop you will be given the tools to become more self-responsible in creating a more vital and meaningful life in alignment with your Soul’s purpose.  

This program is 5 full days and spans 6 months. The cost is $500. Payment in full is requested at the beginning of the course unless other arrangements are made. A deposit of $100 is requested at registration. There is a $50 cancellation fee.

To register please contact

Some of the areas we will cover: 

  • connecting with your ‘‘higher self’ to ‘re-member’ your soul’s purpose;  
  • journeying to find your power animal;  
  • using Ho ‘O Pono Pono for forgiveness of self and other;  
  • using the talking stick for more effective communication; 
  • hands-on healing techniques to align with the directions of the medicine wheel
  • healing energetic cords that keep you stuck in negative energetic patterns;  
  • sharing in group ceremony to support deeper transformation;  
  • visioning the next steps in your journey so you can manifest your full potential.  

Guided  Liddy Flewwelling

Liddy has had a holistic healing practice in Montreal for 30 years and taught Energetic Healing at Institute NHC for 17 years. Her primary work, Plant Spirit Healing, uses the healing power of plants to bring people into greater alignment with their own true nature. Liddy also guides Vision Quests and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

(Eagle Woman art work by Susan Seddon Boulet)