Liddy is available for private consultations. Her wide range of expertise covers the following modalities:

Shamanic Healing 

Shamanic Healing uses the power of Nature, the Medicine Wheel and the person’s own guides to bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Through the shamanic journey you can be guided to connect with your guides and your power animals. In a shamanic healing session there are many tools that can be used to clear blockages in the chakras and energy field. When used in conjunction with plant spirit healing (see below) this work can support you to connect more deeply with your soul’s intent. ($90)

Plant Spirit Healing 

This ancient, earth-centered healing tradition helps you move closer to your own true nature. The gifts or “medicine” of each plant has been discovered by journeying to it in a sacred manner. The practitioner determines what you need in order to come into greater balance and harmony, and selects appropriate plants to support you on your journey. ($90.)


Astrological Reading 

Liddy uses a spiritual approach when reading your astrological chart, helping you understand the evolutionary challenges you face at any given time, as well as the talents, skills and abilities that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. (Readings are  1.5 hours, $90)

Applied Kinesiology 

Also known as “muscle testing,” this tool helps you access your body’s innate intelligence to discover your health priorities, as well the optimum therapies to address them. ($90)

Soul Retrieval 

Soul loss can happen after an accident or trauma,  in  situations of abuse, or from prolonged stress. It is often an underlying factor in depression, lack of motivation, addiction, or chronic illness. This contemporary approach to soul loss empowers the client to reconnect with their essential self while under the guidance of two trained practitioners. Many different techniques are used to help you engage your soul directly and to create the space for a return to wholeness. (with Adriana Engert)  (Sessions are 3 to 4 hours,  $300)

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