Plant Spirit Healing Workshop Series

Learn how to Communicate with plants 

and connect with your plant allies!


Join us this summer to explore the world of plant communication and plant spirit healing! These workshops are for the seeker interested in personal transformation as well as those who wish to support others on their healing journey.

The overall objective is to provide the tools to connect deeply with the healing power of plants, restoring your connection to yourself and to the natural world.

Plant Spirit Communication, Spring 2017- Dates TBA

The focus of this workshop is to introduce the student to plant communication, as well as why we so deeply need plant spirit healing at this time. You will connect with your plant ‘ally’ and meet the spirit of the plant through a shamanic journey. You will also have the opportunity to experience a ‘limpia’, an energetic cleansing of the energy field.

The gifts of St. John’s Wort,  Summer 2017,  Dates TBA

This workshop focuses on the healing gifts of St John’s Wort to bring light and healing energy to your energy field. You will learn how to use St. John’s Wort to heal holes in the aura, as well as work with specific points to connect you more deeply with your spirit. 

Preparation of Flower Essences and Sprays for Plant Spirit Healing –  Dates TBA

Denise Beamish will be offering a highly recommended session on creating Flower Essences and Sprays  at her Sanctuary Garden of Delight, in Longueuil; $50 (all supplies included). Dates TBA

Plants are perhaps our most accessible avenue to healing. Through the pioneering efforts of Dr. Bach and others we find Flower Essences to be an effective means to support within us the environment for healing to take place. In the peaceful setting of our Sanctuary Garden of Delight, working with the plant spirits, you will learn how to prepare flower essences and sprays.  You will also acquire the experience of how to undertake a plant spirit bathing ceremony for another.

 The gifts of Artemisia Vulgaris, or Mugwort,  Summer 2017, Dates TBA

This workshop focuses on the healing gifts of Artemisia Vulgaris, commonly known as Mugwort. Artemisia has the ability to clear dense energies from the energy field, remove blocks in the meridians, and create a greater alignment in the spine. A special ceremony will be performed to help you connect with the spirit of this amazing plant.

The Healing Gifts of Sacred Basil – Healing at a Soul level, Sept 25th 

In this workshop we use the healing power of Sacred Basil in conjunction with breath-work to inspire deep transformation, both personally and collectively. This is an opportunity to release obstacles that may be in the way of being all you can be, for spontaneous healing to occur, and to take your rightful place within Nature.

Liddy has had a healing practice in Montreal for over 30 years. She has completed Plant Spirit Medicine training with Eliot Cowan, as well as Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship program and has worked intensively with the healing power of plants for over 16 years.

Denise, an avid gardener who has also completed Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship program, offers Plant Spirit Healing combined with energy healing techniques framed in the context of wellness life coaching. Her services include plant spirit healing  and flower essences workshops.  


Registration & Fees for the Plant Spirit Healing Workshops – Summer 2017

The cost for each one-day workshop – $90.   


Registration: Please contact: Liddy at   or 514 481 5674