Medicine Wheel Teachings

Medicine Wheel Teachings

A Journey of Transformation and Self-Healing

5 full days, throughout Fall 2016. Location: 5145 Decarie, Montreal, Quebec


You are invited on a journey of transformation and self-healing using the Medicine Wheel as a sacred container, and your Higher Self as your teacher and guide.  In this workshop you will be given the tools to become more self-responsible in creating a more vital and meaningful life in alignment with your Soul’s purpose.  

This program is 5 full days and spans 6 months beginning Saturday, Oct. 24th. The cost is $500. There is an early bird discount of $50 if you register by Oct 10th. Payment in full is requested at the beginning of the course unless other arrangements are made. A deposit of $100 is requested at registration. There is a $50 cancellation fee.

Classes begin at 9:00 A.M. and end at 6:00 P.M. Some evening ceremonies will be held throughout the course. Please register by contacting or 514 481 5674, or Adriana at 514 482 2613,

Some of the areas we will cover: 

  • connecting with your ‘‘higher self’ to ‘re-member’ your soul’s purpose;  
  • journeying to find your power animal;  
  • using the mediation technique of Ho ‘O Pono Pono for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others;  
  • using the talking stick for more effective communication; 
  • hands-on healing techniques to align with the directions of the medicine wheel
  • healing energetic cords that keep you stuck in negative energetic patterns;  
  • sharing in group ceremony to support deeper transformation;  
  • visioning the next steps in your journey so you can manifest your full potential.  

Guided by Adriana Engert and Liddy Flewwelling

Adriana is a body-oriented therapist specializing in the connections between spirit and body. Her practice of Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology and Energetic Shamanic Healing spans 14 years and involves psychotherapeutic explorations related to the body’s restrictions. Adriana excels in working with self-motivated clients seeking to explore options for transformation. Her website is

Liddy has had a holistic healing practice in Montreal for 30 years and taught Energetic Healing at Institute NHC for 17 years. Her primary work, Plant Spirit Healing, uses the healing power of plants to bring people into greater alignment with their own true nature. Liddy also guides Vision Quests and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. She is currently completing training in Shamanic Coaching at the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. Her website is

(Eagle Woman art work by Susan Seddon Boulet)

Green Breath Workshop

Green Breath: A Transformational Breath-Work Experience

September 25th. Location TBA. Cost: $90

All of us long for connection, tIMG_3076o nature, to others, and most especially to our own, true and deepest selves. In this workshop we use the healing power of plants in conjunction with breath-work to inspire deep transformation, both personally and collectively. This is an opportunity for spontaneous healing to occur, to release obstacles that may be in your way of being all you can be, and to take your rightful place within Nature.

Guided by Denise Beamish and Liddy Flewwelling

Liddy has a healing practice in Montreal where she uses energetic healing and shamanic techniques to support transformation. She has worked with the healing power of Plant Spirits for the past 15 years.

Denise is an avid gardener who offers Plant Spirit Healing combined with energy healing techniques framed in the context of wellness life coaching. Her services include workshops and flower essences.

To register contact Denise at or Liddy at